Of all the locations throughout the world, Coco Bay takes pride in being located in the home to hundreds of beaches all throughout Costa Rica, states Worldquest Travel Club. Surfing, in particular, has been a popular attraction for decades. With all the options for every level of surfer, the many beaches of Costa Rica are a mecca for those wanting to ride the perfect wave.

For those who have never surfed before, period of timeWorldquest Travel Club recommends going to one of many facilities that give surfing lessons to start riding waves period. There are also shops to purchase or rent equipment to take advantage of all the exciting options for surfing in beautiful Costa Rica.

Tamarindo in Guanacaste was once known for fishing but is now a well-developed tourist town also known for exciting nightlife and shopping options. In the Nicoya Peninsula, Malpais is considered a paradise for surfers. Nicknamed “Little Hawaii” by the locals, Playa Avellana boasts waves of up to eighteen feet and is perfect for the experienced surfer. Cabo Matapalo is a small town that offers a chance not only to surf but also to explore areas that have had limited visitors.

Although there are plenty of places around the world for surfing, Worldquest Travel Club encourages travelers to see just what Costa Rica has to offer surfers by enjoying the waves and all the locations available for the ultimate surfing experience. For additional information, Las Palmas Travel Network is more than happy to provide details and suggestions on where to go and what to see, remind the travel experts at Worldquest Travel Club.