Worldquest Travel Club knows that not every traveler wishes to spend their vacation amongst rowdy crowds and loud children. Sometimes, a couple just wants a peaceful getaway experience just for the two of them. A beautiful stretch of secluded coastline or a nice cabin up in the mountains for a weekend are both great options, but in 2014, there are so many other great alternatives to be found all throughout the world.

Worldquest Travel Club presents the hottest vacation destinations for a romantic getaway trip for two

Starting the suggestions off with a classic tropical destination, Worldquest Travel Club  recommends that couples consider the luxury of the Caribbean for their vacation this summer. With a consistently warm climate, and some of the most scenic coastlines in the world, Caribbean destinations are some of the most popular amongst couples looking for a romantic getaway trip. Due to the region’s popularity, thousands of luxury accommodations and activities have planted themselves along these beautiful coastlines, so exciting experiences are never too far away.

While the Caribbean may be the go-to tropical destination for some couples, Worldquest Travel Club knows that many couples enjoy a more secluded experience. Malaysia is a great destination for couples looking for the beauty of the Caribbean, but without the crowds. Hundreds of islands present couples with a seemingly endless variety of resorts to choose from, and the quaint towns that surround the resort areas are bustling with shops and restaurants for visitors to check out.

Some couples prefer a more modernized vacation experience. For them, Worldquest Travel Club suggests that they make plans to visit New Zealand. While offering the scenery of the Caribbean and Malaysia, New Zealand offers an upscale and modernized experience that is sure to satisfy couples that enjoy yachting and fine dining. The Waiheke wine country is also a must for couples looking to experience some of the region’s finest wine selections.

Worldquest Travel Club also knows that some couples enjoy a countryside setting, like a log cabin that’s set away in the woods. Alaska is an excellent vacation destination for couples looking to cozy up in front of a roaring fire and enjoy the peaceful solitude that only Alaska can offer. During the day, couples can head to some of the world’s most beautiful National Parks for a romantic trek through the wilderness.

With these travel ideas in mind, Worldquest Travel Club is positive that couples planning their 2016 getaway will be able to find a destination that is just right for them.