Worldquest Travel Club knows that traveling, in general, can be chaotic and flying can be even more of a hassle when luggage, tickets, security checkpoints and flight delays are taken into account. In order to help travelers prepare for their summer vacations this season, Worldquest Travel Club is sharing some pre-planning tips that are sure to make getting through the airport and to a traveler’s final destination a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

Worldquest Travel Club

Worldquest Travel Club  wants its members

to have a great vacation by starting their experience on the right foot with a pleasant and stress-free airport experience.

  1. Make a list — Knowing what items can be brought on board in a carry-on and what needs to be checked into luggage is helpful when going through security checkpoints. Worldquest Travel Club recommends making a list for both carry-on and checked luggage so that nothing gets forgotten. Make sure to pack snacks, games and reading materials where they are handy and accessible during the flight. For questions about what needs to be placed in checked luggage and what is acceptable to put in carry-ons visit www.tsa.gov for more information and regulations.
  1. Check-in ahead of time online — Most airlines have online check-in available and actually encourage travelers to do so in an effort to minimize lines and wait time at the airport. If travelers are unable to access a computer or printer, there are usually kiosks near the ticket counters that allow check-ins and the printing of boarding passes. With so much technology being utilized today, receiving text alerts in the case of delayed or cancelled flights is a great way to stay up-to-date on flight information.
  1. Prepare ahead of time for checkpoints — Everyone knows that one person ahead of them in the checkpoint line that is rummaging through their bags for their I.D. and having to go back through the metal detectors because they are not prepared. Worldquest Travel Club encourages passengers to not be that unprepared vacationer by knowing what is expected of travelers when going through checkpoints. Security will be a breeze when having I.D., tickets, and electronic devices ready to be expected by agents. TSA recommends removing ALL items from pockets as well as belts, bulky jewelry, money, keys, wallet and cell phone. Be prepared to also remove one’s shoes. The TSA website provides a full list of items that need to be declared and removed from luggage when going through security checkpoints.