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WorldQuest Travel Club knows finding the best places to spend Halloween with your family is important to many people, and any of these events will certainly be a fun choice of entertainment. Michigan isn’t usually the first place that many would think of when it comes this holiday, but the town of Harbor Springs celebrates in a big way. The community gathers together for the annual “Trunk or Treat” festival where kids can go from car to car to get all their sweet treats. There is also a massive parade, and Halloween-themed events start as early as the 1st of the month including unique sharing techniques on pumpkin glass-blowing.

Another great place to visit is Bar Harbor, a town in Maine that has its share of scary ghost stories and supposed haunted places that are perfect for exploring. Spend a day at Mount Desert Island, or head to Jesuit Springs where missionaries who went missing way back in 1613 are still said to haunt the area. WorldQuest Travel Club shares that the friendly locals more than make up for these scary tales, so stop by to hang out in this mountain town for a few days during your next vacation during the Halloween (or fall season) to soak up some serious charm.

WorldQuest Travel Club knows all of these destinations will provide access to some of the best Halloween celebrations in the nation, so be sure to start planning today in order to avoid sold-out events or overcrowded accommodations.