WorldQuest Travel Club is known for being a prominent provider of all kinds of vacations, something that is a draw to travelers from around the world. Their accommodations and amenities are grand in many ways, but the grandest thing of all is the amazing customer service measures the staff takes for their guests.

All those out there who are hoping to plan the perfect summer beach vacation this year should look no further than WorldQuest Travel Club’s top-tier advice. Whether hoping to leave the country, planning to stick to a stateside location or simply just hoping to try something new, any of these locations will offer a great experience for all who visit.

  1. Dominican Republic: This Caribbean gem offers plenty of choices when it comes to beautiful beaches to spend time at, and WorldQuest Travel Club shares that some of them are highly-ranked from travelers of all around the globe. Some top choices include Puerto Plata, Puerto Cana and Barahona.
  2. Hawaii: All those who don’t want to leave the U.S. or feel they don’t have the time or means to get their passport this year will love choosing Hawaii for their beach trip. Maui is one of the most sought-after, the area being home to a variety of beaches featuring white and even red sand. There are spots that cater to every type of beach-goer, whether a vacationer is into relaxing sunbathing days, adventurous water sports, or plenty of action and people.
  3. Florida: Miami Beach is a top pick since there is local sightseeing, examples of delicious restaurants as well as plenty of people to interact with. But another of Florida’s top beaches is South Beach, where one might even spot a famous face or two since it’s a popular pick of the stars. Last but not least, animal lovers will love spending time at Anna Maria Island, where turtles, manatees and more can be spotted while snorkeling.

WorldQuest Travel Club knows that summer is the perfect time of year to get away with the family. Kids have a break from school, the weather is warm—what is the wait? Start planning today in order to get the best deals and to get decisions out of the way. For more information visit WorldQuest Travel Club online at http://www.woldquesttravelclub.com